ADAM DAVENPORT, Gorillas & Gazelles LLC and the EBE Hall of Fame

Adam Davenport currently serves as the president and chairman of Gorillas & Gazelles LLC. As a Perrysburg native, Davenport decided to attend Bowling Green State University (BGSU) where he graduated in 2005 with degrees in both marketing and entrepreneurship.

His work with Gorillas & Gazelles, a personality assessment firm, is to help high school and college students discover their most appropriate field of study and its corresponding major. Along with this work, Davenport is also the chairman for the Entrepreneurial and Business Excellence (EBE) Hall of Fame, helping to grow the event from 400 to over 700 attendees in 10 years.

Davenport also volunteers with EPIC Toledo, having held every role in the organization from committee member to chairperson. At EPIC, Davenport helps the group continue its role in influencing the community in the areas of personal and professional development, as well as networking and community impact.

Adam Davenport