LAURA SCHETTER, Toledo Public Schools

Laura Schetter is a Toledo-area teacher and founder of the H2yOu Project, a program to inspire local students to take action to care about Lake Erie. It has grown to include participation from all continents and a short documentary.

At Wildwood Environmental Academy, Schetter led the school in actions to make an environmental difference, such as by spearheading the implementation of 20 school-wide programs, including installation of solar panels, recycling programs, and five garden learning labs. Currently, as a new Toledo Public Schools teacher, she passionately teaches conservation of natural resources for the district.

Schetter is a board member for the Environmental Education Council of Ohio (EECO), and is involved in the community through dozens of volunteer public speaking engagements on conservation issues. She has been a keynote speaker at several conferences and community or education events, and has presented to over 1,000 people since April 2016 about the impact of the environment on Antarctica.

Laura Schetter