2017 Recipients

SARAH SOBEL-POAGE, Sylvania Graphics, Inc.

Sarah Sobel-Poage is the vice president of Sylvania Graphics, Inc., where she is responsible for providing leadership and driving strategy across the company’s sales and marketing functions. She is also the founder / owner of SSP Studio & Design in Perrysburg.

Sobel-Poage has been recognized by the Domestic Violence Ends (DOVE) Project for public service, is a published front cover artist for Country Living magazine, is an Alcohol and Drug Coordinator finalist at Harvard University, a co-founder and president of College Awareness for Responsible Drinking in Education (CARDED) in Wooster, and a co- founder of the St. Thomas More (STM) Community Garden in Bowling Green.

She also is the vice president of the Toledo Repertoire Theatre, where she sits on the board of trustees, is the chair of the marketing and advertising committee, and is a member of the education and community outreach committees. She has saved over $10,000 annually in advertising costs, has brought in over $19,000 in donations / sponsorships, and has contributed in receiving a range of awards for Best in Toledo for the organization.

Sarah Sobel-Poage