2019 Recipients


Zobaida Falah, a social entrepreneur and speaker who combines social needs into market sustainable business practices, is the founder and CEO of CURE, a philanthropic health food company that implemented the superfood – the black seed – into consumer packaged goods, and also created the CURE Bar, a nutritional snack bar that also uses the black seed.

Falah has been featured on NPR, ABC, FOX, NBC, New York Minute Magazine, Haute Hijab, and Muslim Girl, among others, and has also received a community involvement award from the Arab-American Orchestra. In addition, her mission work includes building a horticulture garden in Africa that feeds over 400 families in the Gambian community, helping plant 1,000 olive trees in Palestine to support farmers to create sustainable living solutions, and donating over 100,000 CURE Bars to people experiencing hunger and homelessness.

In the community, Falah serves as a board member for Toledo Streets Newspaper, as an executive committee member at Al-Madinah Community Center, and as a volunteer at the Islamic Food Bank of Toledo, Cherry Street Mission, and Bounty Collegium.

Zobaida Falah