Health Partners of Western Ohio

Dr. De Guzman moved to Toledo for his role as Director of Optometry at Health Partners of Western Ohio and is responsible for providing vision outreach services to over 400 schools. Four vision teams provide eye exams to children from kindergarten to 12th grade including those with insufficient or lack of insurance. Due to a shortage of optometrists in Ohio, De Guzman built the world’s first Tele-Optometry van to provide eye care to underserved communities.

De Guzman was selected by the government of Canada to provide optometric services and eyeglasses to remote Northern First Nations Communities. He uses 2-3 weeks’ vacation time each year for these mission trips. He sees patients without insurance and personally provides them with free glasses.

Due to long wait lists to see ophthalmologists, De Guzman was awarded a full scholarship for the Primary Care Ophthalmology Master’s Program at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. With this training, he can prevent time consuming and costly referrals, and provide a full scope of eye care including treatment for ocular diseases.

In addition to his career in ophthalmology, De Guzman is a musician. While in his first year of optometry school, he was offered a record deal in the Philippines. Putting his schooling on hold, he pursed his dream of becoming a recording artist, ending up with two #1 hits, being nominated for seven music awards and winning two Philippine Grammy Awards. As a voting member of The Recording Academy (GRAMMY Awards), he helps select award winners and is invited to attend the awards program in Los Angelos. In his spare time, he and his brother build cars and enter them into car shows, winning over 40 awards and featured in over 20 magazines in USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, UK, and Australia.

De Guzman holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manitoba, a Doctor of Optometry degree from Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry and an Ophthalmology master’s from the University of Edinburgh Medical School. He has won over 40 academic awards and scholarships throughout his academic career.

Chris De Guzman