ALEXANDRIA THOMAS, Neighborhood Properties

Alexandria Thomas has directed and managed operations of The Wellness and Recovery Center (WRC) and its staff since its debut in October 2018. Currently, the WRC is the only peer run mental health respite care center in the state of Ohio and one of only 40 in the country as of 2021. Under her leadership, the WRC received the 2019 Innovation and Excellence Award presented by The Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF). Additionally, as a response to the 2020 pandemic , Thomas led her team at the WRC in the creation of The Lucas County Emotional Support Line (LCESL), Lucas County’s only non-crisis mental health support line available to anyone in need. With funding secured by FEMA and the State of Ohio, the LCESL provides individual crisis counseling to residents of Lucas County experiencing emotional hardships as a result of the pandemic.

Thomas received her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Toledo (UToledo) and  is a regular co-host of Eric Chase Daily Podcast from Cumulus Media where all things Toledo, pop culture, health and wellness – and occasionally sports – are discussed. Most recently, she also acted as consultant for Back Packs for Humans where she shared the importance of volunteering and the challenges of homelessness and what homeless individuals face in Lucas County.

Thomas isn’t  shy about sharing her experiences with her mental health, and was also a witness to the devastation of her late father’s battle with Dementia. As a result, she gives her time to causes close to her heart in the community. Currently, she sits on the board of directors for The Lucas County Suicide Prevention Coalition, The Warren AME Senior Resource Center, and The National Crisis Residential Association.  Additionally, as a duty of one of her board seats, she is a participating member of The Mental Health Liaison Group, a national advocacy organization that lobbies to advance federal policies that support prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery services for American citizens.