STEVEN SCHROEDER, Health Care REIT treasurer

Steven Schroeder is known for his strong work ethic, exceptional interpersonal skills, and admirable business acumen as treasurer of Health Care REIT. He assisted in raising approximately $25 billion in capital over eight years to help support the growth of the company, played an integral role in helping it grow from approximately $5 billion in enterprise value to $40 billion, and helped to recruit several professionals to Toledo through the company’s active hiring program.

Schroeder also assisted in creating an after-school program for the Boys & Girls Club members where they attended learning seminars at Health Care REIT. The interactive sessions were instructed by company professionals and covered an array of topics including interviewing skills, personal finance, time management, goal setting, and college application review.

He is a member of the Toledo Triathlon Club and has competed in several Olympic and sprint triathlons.

Nominated by Christy Stone